Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

this very day

i have to tell you about a wonderful, sensitive, inspiring photographer

Ieva Jansone, who came for a visit last week and -amongst others- took some great pictures.

so please take a walk through her wonderful blog and you´ll see what she discovered




and here

it has been a great rainy day. she has magic eyes and I think she´s in love with everything -all the time!

her she is:

p.s. about the paper-crown-preparation, you may find sth here.

at the moment i´m not really able to show you anything about my working-process,

but i´m sure, -the day will come again.;-)

that´s all for today:

a lot of wood

-and my beloved chain saw!


  1. wunderschöne fotos - diese grüntöne...!!! und mit "magic eyes" hast du den perfekten begriff gefunden!

  2. I love the blue green of these photographs, I had seen them at Ieva's blog, the crown is stunning too.

  3. How much fun are those images! She wears the hat as proud as a queen!

  4. so ein cooler hut! und das letzte bild macht mir richtig lust, mal wieder mit holz zu arbeiten!
    schöne grüße von to.

  5. So many curious and wonderful things... and such beautiful photos.

  6. You are so right, Ieva is a great photographer and I'm following her for many months now. Nice post! Have a wonderful evening! I like your blog a lot!

  7. Great photo's, wonderful colours and love the hat!

  8. Did I ever thank you for visiting my blog?? I'm so sorry if I didn't. I'm just now getting around to some re designing and found your comment again. What a beautiful blog you have. I am anxious to spend some time wandering around here! Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!